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Culter School Eco Code


Dropping litter’s just not cool!

Put it in the bin and don’t look a fool!

Minimising Waste

Do you leave rubbish lying all around?

When you recycle, there’s treasure to be found.


If you switch off, close up, put it out,

You help save the world, without a doubt!


Water is precious; it’s a must.

Without it our planet would just turn to dust!


Share a car, walk, or cycle to school,

You’ll be making sure that you use less fuel!


Do you eat sugar, burgers and fries?

Then stop! Get out more and exercise!

School Grounds

You love to play with your pals outside

But remember to use your playground with pride!


Mini-beasts can look all shiny and black

But when you’ve finished looking, put them safely back!

 Sustaining our World

Looking after others is what we try to do

Because maybe one day, we might need help too!

 Food and Environment

Growing our own food is what we all should do,

Planting it, tending it, and then eating it too!

Be a pal to your planet!!

Devising the Eco Code.


IMG_0658 Our fabulous bulb and tree planters here did such a good job working in the community and in our garden that we got a Rowan tree as an award and this lovely certificate from the British Soil Society.

Eco Group News
After the successful creation of our new Eco code, we’ve now discussed and come up with ideas for a new litter policy. Although litter isn’t a big problem in our school due to the hard work of our litter pickers and responsible pupils, it’s important to remember the damage that litter can cause to our environment. Here’s an example of a graph made, to show how much litter was collected by one group of litter pickers after playtime: