Robbie The Dolphin

All the pupils at Culter School were involved in the design of Robbie The Dolphin (named after Rob Roy).

Red nursery role play

The dark den The role play corner has been changed into a dark room with torches and fluorescent jackets, reflectors and other materials. Children areRead More

Class News 4I

Class 4I- Term 3 News This Term our context for learning will be Healthy Living. We will learn about how to lead a healthy lifestyleRead More

P3S Class News

This term our context for learning will be Healthy Me. In the topic we will learn about hygiene, happiness and the importance of diet andRead More

P6p Class News

    Term 3 News Class 6P   This term our context for learning will be The Jacobites. It will be an in depth lookRead More

School Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert will take place on Tuesday 9th December 9.30am and 1.45pm and on Wednesday 10th December 9.30am and 1.45pm. Hope to see you there.

P1G maths games

Primary 1G has been learning a new number game with a learning partner. The caller rolls the die to give the starter number. The childrenRead More

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