Scotland at Nursery

The children have been learning about Scotland in the build up to Robbie Burns’ Birthday.

We have enjoyed our week of Scottish snacks including stovies with beetroot and oatcakes, haggis with neeps and tatties and porridge with honey.

We used toy cars to make our own tartan. We dipped the wheels in paint and rolled it over the paper to make weave and the weft.

We drew pictures of thistles and highland coos and made a paper plate model of haggis, neeps and tatties.

We have been learning how to do Scottish dancing during our weekly gym sessions.

The children enjoyed singing Scottish songs about Katie Bairdey, the Three Craws and the Washing Machine’s a Rare Machine. They also learned some Scottish poetry.

The children were very pleased and proud to share all of their expertise. The parents were invited into nursery at the end of the session on Thursday. We hope you enjoyed it.

What we know so far …

Different ways to make tartan

Chappin’ the neeps and peelin’ the tatties for snack
Dancing together