Visit from Justine

This afternoon 7P were given an amazing opportunity to experience how robotics are used in operations. Tom from 7C’s mum, Justine agreed to come in and teach us all a little bit about what her job entails.

Dressed in scrubs, Justine started by explaining how surgery has changed over the years and tell us a little more about the robots that she uses in her surgical procedures.

She then handed the children some robotic arms that are used in laparoscopic surgeries. The children found it fascinating trying to coordinate the arms to be precise in picking up things from their desks.

Volunteers were then asked for and as you will see from the pictures, we now have 2 fully kitted out surgeons in the class. Justine then showed the 3 different ways that operations can be done using the volunteers and a simulator. The surgeons had to pick up sugar cubes using the robotic arms and create a tower. This was very challenging!!

All pupils then got a chance to experience this with masks and gloves on.

We also got to see a video of the robot in action which was amazing to see it all in action.

The pupils then got an opportunity to ask Justine questions about her job, the robot and surgeries in general.

An inspiring and informative afternoon was had by all!

Thank you so much Justine for giving up your time to our class.  Please have a look at the pictures below.