P7C Autumn Art

On the last day of term P7C explored the work of artist and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy in Art.  Andy Goldsworthy is a key artist in the “Land Art” movement – creating temporary art by working with nature. Many of his creations are made solely by using his bare hands, teeth and any “natural” tools that he happens to find. His art is often temporary, so photography plays a key role in his artwork – capturing the art, before it decays, falls apart or floats away.

Here is some of his work: 

As a class we explored photographs of his work and then went outside to create our own masterpieces.

Working in small groups we decided what we were going to make and how we were going to do it. We had lots of very imaginative ideas!

Everyone really enjoyed exploring all the materials we found and coming up with their imaginative ideas.


We collected lots of leaves, fallen twigs and pine cones to use in our sculptures.



This group created a birds nest design using different coloured leaves for the nest and pine cones for the ‘birds’.


What a smiley face!


This group created a farm scene using a variety of found materials.


A forest made out of a forest.


The boys worked hard to create their birds-eye view beach scene using the colours of nature.