Outdoor Learning at Nursery

The nursery children had super messy fun out in the nursery garden for the outdoor learning session. The rain didn’t put us off as everyone came prepared with their puddle suits and wellies.

We had checked the forecast so we knew it is was going to be a rainy day. Some of the nursery boys and Mrs Mackenzie prepared some shelters for us on Thursday afternoon.

Mrs Booth had organised a scavenger hunt and the boys and girls enjoyed gathering the signs of autumn in their goody bags. It was a very popular activity and the boys and girls worked very well as a team.

Many of the boys and girls made sun catchers with Mrs Williams. They used autumn leaves and other natural resources that were collected from the nursery garden and local area. The sun catchers have been displayed on the nursery windows.

Mrs Cooper read a lovely story called The Selfish Crocodile. The boys and girls enjoyed hearing about all the animals and how they managed to help each other.

Miss Gordon and her helpers made lots of cup cakes on Thursday so we could still celebrate Iona’s and Millie’s birthdays on Friday. Happy 4th Birthday girls!

Parents and pupils were asked to give feedback and any recommendations. Overall the feedback has been very positive. A great deal of planning and preparation goes into the outdoor days and therefore changing the day depending on the weather can sometimes be difficult. However, we are encouraged to experience the outdoors in all weathers and use the conditions as a learning opportunity for the children.