Senses Walk

The children went out for a walk in the field near school to put their senses to the test. It was very cold and frosty so we had to wrap up warm.

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How does the ground feel?
“hard mud” Ethan
“bumpy, really slippery” Ben
“I’m sticking to it” Katie
“it’s hard and rough” Charli

We walked on some beechnuts and spoke about how they felt
“crunchy” Ethan
“bumpy” Amelia
“round and bumpy” Oscar
“crunchy” Arthur

Can you smell anything?
“I can smell marshmallows” Lauren – wishful thinking, but we did have some hot chocolate when we got back to nursery in the afternoon to warm us up.
“I can smell a stick” Amelia
“I can smell ice” Evan
“Doggy poo smell” Emma – we went on to explain that the smell was from the farmer’s fields
“I can smell the wind” Oscar
“I can smell smoke” Ashton “It smells like burning” Angus

What does the moss smell of?
“I know….Christmas trees” Charli

If we are quiet, what can we hear?
“noisy, cars, birds?….birds!” Roosa
“my stick on the hard ground makes a noise” Ben, “like a drum” Evan
“the bin lorry” Echo, “it’s beeping” Oscar

Can you find something hard and something soft?
“the wall is hard and the moss is soft” Emma
Lots of sticks and leaves were picked up

Can you use your sense of taste?
“no all the things are dirty” Felicity
“there’s no food” Oliver
“blackberries” Felicity

What can you see?
Lots of children replied trees, grass, bushes, clouds, aeroplane, etc.
“the glass” Ryan, “it’s ice” Angus

Have a look in our nursery floor books for more photographs from the walk.