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    19th January 2015

    Healthy Living

    Enjoying exercise in the gym..
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    19th January 2015

    Outdoor Activities

    Pupils at Culter School have the opportunity to do many outdoor activities.
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    19th January 2015

    Robbie The Dolphin

    All the pupils at Culter School were involved in the design of Robbie The Dolphin (named after Rob Roy).
  • Commonwealth Tapestry
    15th January 2015

    Commonwealth Tapestry

    Pupils created a tapestry depicting Culter which was displayed at the Commonwealth Games.
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Last night at Boys’ Brigade seven boys in the Junior Section attended an Open Night. Everybody from the Junior Section got a Best Group Trophy and the five people that…

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Soup, Glorious Soup Day

What a ‘Souper’ lunchtime Culter had today! It was the culmination of the Soup, Glorious Soup competition and Frazer’s Butternut & Sweet Potato soup was on the lunch menu in…

Soup Day 12th June

Soup, Glorious Soup Tasting Day

Thursday 12th June is going to be ‘souper’! All the children at Culter will have the chance to try the winning soup from our Soup, Glorious Soup competition. Frazer’s winning soup…

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Human Body Assembly

Today 5B had an assembly on the topic of the human body. We had plenty information on the bones, digestive system and respiratory system. We sang an amazing trio of…


3/4S see how Zoe’s Playground measures up!

3/4S took their Maths lesson outside into the sunshine, and worked on some estimation and measurement activities in Zoe’s Playground.

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3/4S Tower Challenge

Tower Challenge by Gokula, 3/4S We were making a tower with marshmallows and pasta. It was difficult to make it because they kept on collapsing and breaking. We were working…

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Primary 6 and First Aid

We had a visit from St Johns Ambulance today. It was great to get a refresher on last year and develop our knowledge on the young first wider course. Please…

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Curriculum for Excellence Levels

Level Stage Early The final two years of early learning and childcare before a child goes to school and P1, or later for some. First To the end of P4,…

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